January 2, 2008

New Year revelry

Was on my way back to Bangalore on New Year's eve. Exactly 12 midnight I had entered Bangalore city limits (somewhere near Kengeri). Wrong place at the wrong time. New Year revelry was going on in full swing. On the road side. Rather, on the road. Damn it.
A few $#@$@#@s, drunk, were trying to stop every moving vehicle to 'wish' them happy new year. Add to that fireworks, on the road. How are people supposed to ply on the road then?? Oh, did I forget to mention that I had been riding without my clutch cable for the past 150 kms or so???? Anyone with a basic sense of automobile technology would acknowledge that its quite difficult to start and stop when there's no clutch cable. Somehow was managing to wade through the traffic and the revelers, when suddenly a rocket (firecracker, not the actual one) whizzed past, barely inches from me. For a minute, I was shaken. Remember, I couldn't stop my bike! (Well, not that if I were able to, I would have given the prankster a thumping).
When will people learn some basic common sense yaar? Enjoy maaDi during new years, but why on the road? Get drunk, but why trouble others unnecessarily??

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