October 17, 2007

Questions of life

It's raining outside. Still in office...can't go home.. Have been looking at the skies from the cafetaria window for some time now. Weather Gods not relenting. Too bored to continue reading Baudolino now. Have been pondering over 'life' in general.... Don't want to think about the past but where am I heading to? Have realized there are a lot of things I still need to do in life! Lot of ambitions.. lot of dreams, aspirations... some of them pure fantasies, some realistic... I need to start chasing my dreams I feel.. and soon.. But the question is: where do I start from?? All I need is an inspirational soul and another kind soul who can sponsor all my hankerings! :P
Damn, I think I've spoilt the mood of the post.

July 2, 2007


Ok last night I could not sleep. Kept rolling from one side to another with a psyched mind. The reason? Not the mosquitoes, not love life, but the fact that quite a few of my friends getting married! (??)
Some going around without their parents knowing(which is a great thing btws), some going around with plans of tying the knot very soon, some wedding dates already fixed! They are hardly 23-24, and already planning to settle in life?? GOSH! Scared the shit outta me. I mean, think of it. It's been just two years since you graduated. You've hardly opened your eyes to the outside world. And you already want to write an 'obituary' for yourself??
I agree falling in love must be a great thing. Should be really nice to have someone love you. But marriage? So soon?? At an age where one is supposed to do something creative and nice, you'll be changing diapers of your new-born kid? Marriage is inevitable but why do you wanto bring it upon yourself so soon?! Maybe people who are getting married have something interesting to defend their decision. But the very thought sends a shiver down my spine.
The fact that some guys younger to me are getting married made me realize that I've reached a certain stage in my life and am not a 'kid' anymore. I dont want to grow up. I dont want responsibities. I want to go back to my childhood days. I want to bunk classes. I want to play gully cricket. I want to re-live the day I got my first bicycle. I want to enjoy cartoons. I want to build sand castles. I want to return to innocence, feel like free spirit, like a liberated soul....


May 26, 2007

My new love!

The much awaited Machismo 500 with lean-burn technology finally gets launched in India! Laid my hands on one a coupla days back. Needless to say, Iam elated! Happened to be one of the first customers in Bangalore after the 'official' launch. Few fotos are here

Burn gas, kick ass!

May 20, 2007

Bidding adieu...

I am choked in emotions while I write this... My faithful companion, my best mate, my loyal travel partner is parting after four glorious years. I am talking about my bike. My first love. My true love.

Four years and fifty thousand kilometres on the odometer, you have never let me down. Be it the backwaters of Kerala, the tea estates of Munnar, the beaches of Goa, the high passes of Leh/Ladakh or the sea-shores of Chennai-Pondicherry, you've rode amazingly well! The ride to Leh-Khardungla with you will always be etched in my memory. The ride atop Baralachala on our way back was amazing! Have actually lost count of the number of times we measured the length and breadth of Bangalore-Mangalore road, be it via Hassan or Mysore. Also special are the few solo night-out bike rides to Mangalore and Chennai...
Time to say good bye now. Will be riding you for one last time tomorrow or day after. Wherever you are, whoever you are with, keep thumping as you always have. It was a pleasure riding you.

Ride on, mate.

May 9, 2007

The chocolate collector.

Damn! Just another lousy day in the office. Meeting, deadlines, peers, managers... A witty (weighty?!) colleague of mine also seemed to be in the same waters. The daily dose of dilbert was over. Sitting in his cubicle, dono tabla baja rahe the. GEE! Can it get more interesting? Then... it happened.
The dame sitting next to my colleague got up and decided to call it a day and my colleague made a passing remark asking her to get two chocolates the next day. Heh? What for? 'No questions. Just get it' was the reply. Then it struck both of us. Why not have fun asking all the girls in the office to get two chocolates for us the next day?? And see how many of them actually care?? Hmm. Not a bad thought. The next few minutes saw both of us walk into girls' cubicles and asking for chocolates. Aah, and a few guys also, who happened to bump into us on our way. We soon realized there were a few girls we had not even talked to before! Toh kee farakh paendha??? Chocolate maang rahe hai.. dil thodi!! The girls who had already left were notified by SMSes. 'No questions. Just get it' happened to be the punch-line that evening. Jindagi mein pehli baar, agle din office aane ka wajeh mil gaya!
The next morning I happened to be in the office at 8:45 (i must confess chocolates were not the only reason..). Chocolates started trickling in. Some asked 'why?' Some just 'offered'. Some offered and snatched it back. Some still haven't got it (still waiting for them.. aheemmmm. Hope they read this blog). All in all, we got a good number of chocolates (isn't that a good enough reason for collecting chocolates?). We soon realized collecting chocolates is a good way of 'breaking the ice'! Now we intend to know them better. So we'll be asking for chocolates from them every month! ;-)

The world is not flat enough!

Why am I here? Coz the world is not flat. Coming to think of it, why is the world not flat? And what if it was indeed flat? According to Newtons's theory of relativity and Einstein's laws of gravitation, the Turks captured Constantinople in 1453. And also, Karan Johar thinks he will never get married. What a loser! One intellectual question. How do you silence a dinosaur? Answer: Feed him apple pie. Another One: Why cant dogs dance? Coz they have two left feet! Mitochondria and Endoplasmic Reticulum are the two most gullible morons in the galaxy. Now combining all these hypotheses and also considering Pythagoras' penchant for butter toast, we can safely imagine that one side of the world would be completely unoccupied if the world was flat!