September 29, 2008


Like all great things, it started as a whim. A group of 3 single men go on a trek and are accompanied by another man who changed status not long back. Meandering amidst green valleys aimlessly, one man realizes the need for an organization which works for the upliftment and betterment of people who are shunned by the society in many ways. The whim becomes a thought.. thought leads to some serious discussions and the discussions end up with the formation of the club.....
"Hopelessly Singles. Bangalore Chapter"!

The HSBC, as it is called, is a club which is open to all eligible single people. Oh yes, they should be hopeless too!

Sirish Chitrapu, the founder member and President of HSBC, in his thirties, says "I have been single all my life and I know how it feels. I think it is a great forum for all the hopelessly singles to come together and discuss ideas". The main theme of the club is to "find ways to drive away a girl inadvertently".
Subrahmanya aka Subbu, fast approaching Sirish, acts as the vice-president. He has one word to say about the club - "Naai thara"!
Nitin alias Bhatta, although still in his mid-twenties, is also hopeless and had no problems getting into the club.
Sreejith aka Jithu, having recently changed status, is not a member but is a senior consultant and is a constant source of ideas for the club, courtesy his vast experience.
Contrary to popular perceptions, the club is open for girls too. But if you are a girl, be warned that you might find yourself getting paired-up with an existing member of the club!