February 8, 2008

Does anyone care?

"Breaking news" in one of India's leading news channels. Nothing more to say.

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February 4, 2008


Last week at the MGA Hospital in Marathahalli:

Me (sounding groggy): Doc! Help... Sore throat.. finding it hard to even talk...
Doc (examining) : Dude, you might have to get admitted..
Me : Hehh? (did-i-hear-u-right kinda look from me)
Doc : The infection looks pretty bad.. I suggest u get admitted very soon..
Me : Are u cuckoo? Get admitted for a sore-throat???
Doc : Well.....
Me : Nothing doing.. Give me a few tablets.. If it doesn't get better within a coupla days, I'll come back and then decide about getting admitted.
Doc : Ok fine, here you go...

That was the last I saw of that doctor.

Well, the conversation was not exactly as mentioned above.. but the mood was something similar.