January 3, 2008


I get really bugged when someone comes to me and asks "What mileage does your bike give?"
Personal question you asking me, you sadistic moron!!
How would you respond if I ask you how much does your wife eat??


Charan said...


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jaibholenath said...

so the point you are proving here is that you cant get a wife and will spend the rest of ur life with your bike?

The old saying goes "Truth Pricks!!!"

you don't think so?

Nitin said...

@ jaibholenath:
In a way, that's a better thing to do.. You don't have to take her shopping... You don't have to listen to her rants.. she won't complain if u start ogling at a better species and you can keep riding her! ;-)
Btws, its easy to say anything and everything under the sun when under a pseudo-name. Come out of the closet. Tell us who you are.

Charan said...

i dont understand the problem here -

whats wrong in asking the mileage of a bike -- its one of the main attributes of a bike (ok . i agree .. thats not true for some of you -- but its true for most of the average Indian (for too many complicated reason that you too understand ) --- so basically you shouldnt get pissed off with that and instead should understand the sentiments and answer them gently may be -- "i dont know, never bothered") -

any ways ,, whats your bike mileage ?? :)

PS : my wife eats way too much -- her intake is 2 glass of milk , 10 idlis - in the morning --
2 times of that for lunch -- and 3 times of that for dinner.
want to know more ? -- you are always welcome to contact me any time any place.

Bhatta. said...

the next time you put that question iam gonna make you kick your own balls.