January 22, 2008

Lemme see :-)

Was wondering... what would have happened if Dennis Ritchie had named his newly developed language "P" instead of the now familiar "C"?? Mayhem, I tell you!
Yashwant Kanetkar, in his inimitable style, would have brought out a book titled "Let Us P" (together?). The moral police, never a dull moment in their life, would have breathed fire. A few effigies would have been burnt. A few buses would have been blown up. Women folk would have been embarrassed. Widespread protest.. unrest... carnage.. bandh calls in Kerala and West Bengal (yes, nowhere else)... Indian economy hit...
Smart guy, huh, Dennis Ritchie..
"Survey jana Sukhi No Bhavantu"


Anirudh said...

Pathetic is the word.

Jitha said...

Actually, Subbu can write the book "Let us P"..
Actually, not P, but I cannot find an alphabet for its higher version!

Bhatta. said...

community shitting!

Anonymous said...

hey i m honoured pplz :D