July 2, 2007


Ok last night I could not sleep. Kept rolling from one side to another with a psyched mind. The reason? Not the mosquitoes, not love life, but the fact that quite a few of my friends getting married! (??)
Some going around without their parents knowing(which is a great thing btws), some going around with plans of tying the knot very soon, some wedding dates already fixed! They are hardly 23-24, and already planning to settle in life?? GOSH! Scared the shit outta me. I mean, think of it. It's been just two years since you graduated. You've hardly opened your eyes to the outside world. And you already want to write an 'obituary' for yourself??
I agree falling in love must be a great thing. Should be really nice to have someone love you. But marriage? So soon?? At an age where one is supposed to do something creative and nice, you'll be changing diapers of your new-born kid? Marriage is inevitable but why do you wanto bring it upon yourself so soon?! Maybe people who are getting married have something interesting to defend their decision. But the very thought sends a shiver down my spine.
The fact that some guys younger to me are getting married made me realize that I've reached a certain stage in my life and am not a 'kid' anymore. I dont want to grow up. I dont want responsibities. I want to go back to my childhood days. I want to bunk classes. I want to play gully cricket. I want to re-live the day I got my first bicycle. I want to enjoy cartoons. I want to build sand castles. I want to return to innocence, feel like free spirit, like a liberated soul....