May 9, 2007

The chocolate collector.

Damn! Just another lousy day in the office. Meeting, deadlines, peers, managers... A witty (weighty?!) colleague of mine also seemed to be in the same waters. The daily dose of dilbert was over. Sitting in his cubicle, dono tabla baja rahe the. GEE! Can it get more interesting? Then... it happened.
The dame sitting next to my colleague got up and decided to call it a day and my colleague made a passing remark asking her to get two chocolates the next day. Heh? What for? 'No questions. Just get it' was the reply. Then it struck both of us. Why not have fun asking all the girls in the office to get two chocolates for us the next day?? And see how many of them actually care?? Hmm. Not a bad thought. The next few minutes saw both of us walk into girls' cubicles and asking for chocolates. Aah, and a few guys also, who happened to bump into us on our way. We soon realized there were a few girls we had not even talked to before! Toh kee farakh paendha??? Chocolate maang rahe hai.. dil thodi!! The girls who had already left were notified by SMSes. 'No questions. Just get it' happened to be the punch-line that evening. Jindagi mein pehli baar, agle din office aane ka wajeh mil gaya!
The next morning I happened to be in the office at 8:45 (i must confess chocolates were not the only reason..). Chocolates started trickling in. Some asked 'why?' Some just 'offered'. Some offered and snatched it back. Some still haven't got it (still waiting for them.. aheemmmm. Hope they read this blog). All in all, we got a good number of chocolates (isn't that a good enough reason for collecting chocolates?). We soon realized collecting chocolates is a good way of 'breaking the ice'! Now we intend to know them better. So we'll be asking for chocolates from them every month! ;-)


Hemanth Chakravarthy said...

Its time you diversified into non- chocolate items.
A case of 'Yeh dil maange more!'

bhardwaj said...

Ayam dhi bardner yin gryme.
We are like the new age chocolate heroes.
Kuch meetha ho jaye !

Shweta said...

try to come up wid more innovative ideas where u can fool poeple like me :)

Shodhna said...

Well, I am disappointed that you didnt mention about me in your blog. I did provide you some entertainment by assuming that "You" are getting chocolates for "Me"! And you also missed mentioning that someone actually gift wrapped the chocs for you guys! So, unless you spice up your blog with "actual" and "important" facts, no more chocs for you and "your bardner yin gryme" !!!!

Tej said...

Hey Maddy(Making u feel good bugger)I thought u to be gaunti, not bad kick ass fun. No wonder gals got chocolate to you since u are such a casanova. I still remember those college days when gals used to go mad for you. You and your macho attitude(F*******L) used to drive fairer sex mad, no wonder u continuing the same spirits in office. Make sure u ask for better things next time lol.. miss u B*****D

$n1peR said...

Kindly choose a better name and save us from embarassment.

Nitin said...

I think i did :-)