June 27, 2008

Someone please clap.

Watched two movies this week. "Mere Baap Pehle Aap" and "De Taali". Both absolute shits - the kind you'd expect me to go and watch :-).
The first one is bearable. The second one is a total fuck. I so badly wanted to run away during the interval. It was only my record of watching every movie in full that saved it. Yeah, yeah I have watched "Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag" fully, in one sitting. Someone please "de taali" for my perseverence.


Jitha said...

Its not as bad as you're saying it is. Its much better than the other movies coming out nowadays. I don't see why you were so pissed with that movie! Maybe because it was actually good and you've adjusted your brain to watching crappy cinema.

Bhatta. said...

Dude! the fault is with you. You have lowered your bar so much that any movie seems good to you these days.

स्वरूप जोशी said...

bechara bhatta !!
kya din aa gaye !!
kaise movies dekh ke gujara karna padata hai !!