March 7, 2008


We all change for the ones we love... True. No debating that. "How often?" is the only question. I change 4-5 times a week, on an average.


Bhatuni Kachuva said...

The content is very limited to draw any conclusions --

if the changes are all in one directions then -- your loved one is fortunate to have u ..

but if it is contradicting to the initial one (i mean -- you moved from x to y --- then next change you moved from y back to x - for your own sake )- then ("loved-one" -- look for some one else -- this guy is not for u .. :) )

The bigger question here is -- who is that "loved-one" who make you change 4-5 times a week ?? !! :)

Bhatta. said...

You are contradicting yourself Mister. If the change is from x to another place y in a predetermined path, and you change your mind to change from x to, say z, you need to go from y to z.(changing your mind is also a change, mind it!). So you end up going from x to y to z which is not bad at all.. since i've changed twice already. So it is a good thing btws.

P.S.: Iam taking a leaf out of your own book of illogical reasoning.. Novino!

Jitha said...

4-5 times!
Thats a lot..
You don't change at all when we go on treks!

Bhatta. said...

i said "on an average".. there have been instances where I've changed once a week, twice in two weeks! :D